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    Our story begins in April of 2008, in a small coastal city in the south of brazil called Garopaba. We started the company to help deliver better quality of life to all our customers, by providing professional running shirts and encouraging everyone to have a more active life. In our first year of activity, we specialized in fitness and swimming apparel, but in 2009 we gave our first steps towards focusing exclusively in personalized running shirts. During these 9 years of learning and specializing, our company went from a small factory into a modern and well-established industry, capable of complying with every demand from this growing market. Always believing in our values shaped our company and the way we do business. Expanding and moving forward with etic, competence and valuing our work force has always been our priority, developing great relationships with suppliers, clients and everyone involved in our manufacturing process makes all the difference. Providing athletes and enthusiasts with the best product and with the latest technology has always been our goal, working hard in order to fulfill even the most complicated designs and projects. The result of our hard work has paid off, we now ship our products to every state in Brazil and Internationally, in 2018 we have reached some incredible milestones: 1,5 million shirts produced, more than 10 thousand satisfied customers and supplied more than a thousand marathons and events with our professional quality shirts during our company’s life time.


    Become the most trusted company of personalized running apparel in Brazil and America.


    Manufacture personalizaded running shirts that enhances performance and quality of life of our customers.


    Trust, Loyalty, Relationship, Performance.